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GXemul: Machines: sgi_ip32

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sgi_ip32 machine

The sgi_ip32 machine template tries to emulate an SGI O2 machine, for experiments with NetBSD/sgimips, OpenBSD/sgi, Linux for O2, and possibly also SGI O2 PROMs and/or IRIX in the future.

Experimenting with a PROM from a real SGI O2:

This requires that you dump the PROM memory range from your real SGI O2 machine into a file. Using a serial console hooked up to your O2, executing the PROM command
	>> dump -b 0xBFC00000:0xBFC80000
will dump 512 KB of the PROM range. Make sure you capture all the output into a file, and then convert the result into a raw binary. (If you don't have time to write a converter tool yourself, there is an example converter in the GXemul source code distribution: experiments/sgiprom_to_bin.)


The photo on the left is from the real machine. The other two are screenshots of the PROM running experimentally in and older version of GXemul, using -Y2 framebuffer scaledown.

NOTE: Running the O2 PROM image broke somewhere between release 0.3.8 and 0.4.0. (Running with graphics broke between 0.3.7 and 0.3.8.) The goal is to write a new SGI O2 emulation mode using the new 0.6.0 framework, which will be able to run the PROM image.

Assuming you have extracted the PROM from your real machine into a file called prom, the following example shows how to start up the emulator in the paused state with the PROM image:

$ gxemul -V -e sgi_ip32 raw:0xffffffffbfc00000:prom
GXemul (unknown version)      Copyright (C) 2003-2009  Anders Gavare

  |-- ram0  (128 MB at offset 0)
  |-- prom0  (512 KB at offset 0x1fc00000)
  \-- cpu0  (R5000, 100 MHz)

cpu0: raw:0xffffffffbfc00000:prom loaded
      Raw file: entry point 0xffffffffbfc00000
      loadable chunk: vaddr 0xffffffffbfc00000, 524288 bytes

NOTE: RUNNING THE PROM DOES NOT WORK YET! These are preliminary instructions on how it may work when the new GXemul framework, and the SGI O2 emulation in that framework, is complete enough.